Tiny House for holiday rental in the Drôme Valley, France

About us

About us

Hi, we’re Marieke and Valentin.

Marieke moved from the Netheralnds to France in 2000, where she started a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in the Drôme. Now in 2017, several projects and houses further on, she lives with Valentin, her son, in Mirabel et Blacons. She bought a piece of land to build their own house. And the good thing was that on this land, there was this vineyard shed, that was included in de deal.

Still enjoying to receive people (and Valentin herited these genes), the decision to turn this into a holiday rental house was easily made.

The renovations have been made with love and Marieke and Valentin will welcome you with love.

Marieke speaks French, English, Dutch and a little German.
Valentin speaks French and Dutch (in a quite charming way)

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